Biden on the Recovery Act: “If It Fails, I’m Dead”

ABC News’ Karen Travers reports:

On a conference call today, Vice President Biden told 30 of the nation’s governors that if the Recovery Act fails, he’s “dead.”

Biden was providing an update to the governors (and if they couldn’t make it, their Lt. Governor or senior staffer) on the Recovery Act and make sure they were prepared to submit reports next month detailing how stimulus money was spent and how many jobs were created by the funding.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) told the Vice President he couldn’t express how much he and his fellow governors appreciate Biden’s interest.

“Pure self-interest, Jay. If it fails, I’m dead,” Biden quipped.

The conference call invitation was sent to 55 states and territories and if a governor could not join, a Lt. Governor, Chief of Staff or other staff member called in. Louisiana was the only state to not have a participant on the conference call.

On Friday the Obama Administration will launch an updated website to better coordinate the required data coming in from funding recipients and state and local agencies in October.

About 150,000 recipients of federal stimulus money will be required to file detailed reports on how they have spent the money and how many jobs were created as a result. At the end of October the data will all be available at, including all changes and corrections made to the reports during the review period.

Today Biden said the reporting is a “massive undertaking” but implored the governors to make sure the data their states are submitting is accurate. He said the updated web site for reporting data is user-friendly, even for someone like himself who is not tech-savvy.

-Karen Travers

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