Obama: Some Have "Selective Amnesia" on the Economy, Says Recovery Plan is Working

ABC News’ Rachel Martin and Sunlen Miller Report: President Obama said that on Labor Day it’s time to “reaffirm” the nation’s commitment to rebuild, and declared that the stimulus plan is working.

Speaking before the friendly crowd during the annual AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic in Cincinnati Ohio this afternoon, the President said that it’s time to ensure that the middle class remains the backbone of the economy, “not just a vanishing ideal we celebrate a picnics once a year as summer turns to fall.”

In rhetoric similar to the campaign trail, the President said this has been is an ideal that he’s been fighting for since office, and pointed the finger at those who say he has not brought change yet.

“Some people have already forgotten how bad it was just seven months ago. You noticed that. They have selective amnesia,” the President joked in feisty remarks more reminiscent of candidate Obama.

The President defended his administration’s efforts – after inheriting an economy “on the verge of collapse,” and crafting a stimulus package that would put people back to work.

“Our Recovery plan is working,” Mr. Obama declared, “The financial system has been saved from collapse. Home sales are up. We're seeing signs of life in the auto industry. Business investment is starting to stabilize. For the first time in 18 months, we're seeing growth in manufacturing. When was the last time you heard that here in United States of America?”

Referencing last Friday’s unemployment numbers showing that the nation lost another 216, 000 jobs in August Obama said that while lost jobs are still “unacceptable” there are some signs of light.

“For the second straight month, we lost fewer jobs than the month before and it was the fewest jobs lost in a year. So make no mistake. We're moving in the right direction. We're on the road to recovery. Ohio. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”

While speaking in front of 10,000 union locals for the annual labor leader’s picnic, Mr. Obama used his speech today to name Ron Bloom Senior Counselor for Manufacturing Policy .

“As my new point person on manufacturing, he'll help us craft the policies that will create the next generation of manufacturing jobs and ensure American competitiveness in the 21st century.”

Mr. Obama will return back to Washington, DC this afternoon, after a quick 36 minute speech at the Labor Day picnic.

Once he gets home, he may have a score to settle with his wife.

“Every man’s proud of his grilling skills,” Obama joked of the activity du jour of the holiday, “Michelle says she’s a better griller than me. I don’t know. We’ll have to have a grill off.”

-Rachel Martin and Sunlen Miller

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