The Gitmo Deadline

Some media outlets are running a story saying that White House sources are acknowledging for the first time that Guantanamo prison might not be closed by January 22, 2010, as pledged by President Obama.

That's not quite right. Actually, White House Homeland Security czar John Brennan in August made such an admission.

As we reported at the time , when asked if they would make the deadline, Brennan said, "I don’t have a crystal ball. At this point it is unknowable exactly how many people will be transferred next week, month, several months and what the conditions on the ground will be on Jan. 1 and Jan. 21. ... Everybody is doing everything possible in the administration to realize the president's goal.”

That said, some White House officials are now saying more definitively that it's likely they won't make the deadline.

They have yet to find a new prison to house Gitmo detainees, they have yet to establish new rules for military tribunals, and they have several detainees who can be released for whom they have yet to find new home countries.

More than 235 detainees remain in the prison.


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