Obama Administration to Announce Detainee Prosecutions

Within the next two weeks the Obama administration will begin to make public the names of detainees in Guantanamo Bay whom federal prosecutors plan on trying in U.S. civilian courts and which ones they will send to a military commission.

According to a filing by the military prosecutors at in the commission proceedings at Guantanamo, officials at the Pentagon and Justice Department are working together to divide these detainees into those two categories by the self-imposed deadline of November 16.

President Obama will be traveling throughout Asia from November 10 through November 20, so it’s entirely possible that the announcements will come when he is abroad.

It's unclear whether the announcement will include information about those detainees in other categories -- those who will be released into the custody of other countries, or those whom President Obama believes are too dangerous to release, but cannot be prosecuted because they were tortured.

-- jpt

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