Twitterview with Roland Burton Hedley Jr.

Earlier today, I had a chance to conduct a twitter interview with Fox News Channel’s Roland Burton Hedley, Jr., who has a new book out – a collection of his best tweets from 2009. (You may know Hedley best from his appearances in Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury, of course.)

@jaketapper: welcome to my twitterview w/Roland Hedley, colleague from a sister news org, touring for his book collection of tweets...

@jaketapper: ...the book is titled "My Shorts R Bunching. Thoughts?" Rollie, where are we finding u on your tour today?

@Roland_Hedley: I'm at a Borders in either Dayton or Cleveland. Hold on, I'll ask. Dayton.

@Roland_Hedley: In stockroom, signing as many books as possible so store can't return. (Author trade secret -- entre nous!)

@jaketapper: What’s been the reax out there to your book? The reax of your boss Roger Ailes? How come @GlennBeck hasn’t mentioned it?

@Roland_Hedley Book flying off shelves, landing in readers' hearts. Ailes throwing me book party in break room today. Beck pig.

@jaketapper: Anyone out there talking about the @WhiteHouse v Fox brouhaha? Whats the skinny from real America?

@Roland_Hedley: People in real America snicker when quizzed, say WH-Fox story so two weeks ago. Felt like an ass asking. Thanks, man!

@jaketapper: What from your collected tweets in your book are people responding to? What's your favorite?

@Roland_Hedley: Tough question. My tweets are like my children; hard to choose one because I don't like any of them. Admit I'm perfectionist.

@jaketapper: what do you make of the election results tuesday? Did you vote? If so - for whom?

@Roland_Hedley: Can't reveal who, but got up early to vote. Turned out no election in Maryland, but could feel anger at WH in air. Palpable.

@jaketapper: Some of your colleagues here in the WH press corps say this tweet book is just another way for you to avoid work. Thoughts?

@Roland_Hedley: Do "colleagues" have names? In Kabul, am known as Da spi zo, Pashto for "god who never rests". In yr face, faceless colleagues.

@jaketapper: me, helen, chuck, chip, savannah, zeleny. The president is talking hc and jobs #s and you're in ohio talkin tweets? Cmon

@Roland_Hedley: Helen gets pass b/c we once had thing, Savannah new Helen. But Chuck 'n Chip sounds like ice cream, Zeleny cholesterol drug.

@jaketapper: BTW, your colleague @MajoratWH says you left unusual non-work related battery operated device next to his bottle of scotch.

@Roland_Hedley: It's SOLAR-POWERED, numbnuts. Excuse me for being green. Everyone cute today. Chas Rose cut me off after 140-char interview.

@jaketapper: neither Barbara nor Hasselback appreciated the photos you included in your pitch note to have The View hype the book. Grim.

@Roland_Hedley: Those photos were embargoed! You sick bastard. What's wrong with you? Twinterview's over.

@jaketapper: You're walking off like the Alien goddess in V threated to do? Cmon, Rollie. Any grooming hints for your fans?

@jaketapper: Rollie? Rollie? Hmmmph.

-jpt and gwb

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