White House State Dinner Party Crashers

ABC NEWS' Z. Byron Wolf reports:

It’s one of the most secure places on earth, but two Washington area socialites and reality TV wannabes were apparently able to get behind the gates at the White House and mingle with the crowd at the State Dinner in honor of India last night.

The Washington Post has the dish on Tareq and Michaele Salahi, below:

The First Lady’s office told ABC they would have no comment on the crashers and referred all inquiries to the Secret Service.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan confirms that the agency is looking “into a report that two individuals not on the guest list were in the event.”

They sure were. The Post has pictures from Michaele Salahi’s Facebook page that clearly show the two in pictures with attendees at the state dinner and there is video of the two on the red carpet inside the White House grounds.

But Donovan said even if the two were uninvited guests, “Everyone that goes into the white house grounds goes through magnetometers and other levels of screening,” so no one would have been in danger.

Michaele has been reported as being a cast member for the “Real Housewives of DC”.

Donovan said Secret Service is investigating the report. He said the two were not escorted off the premises last night. But it’s also not clear that they ever made it to a seat for dinner. Also unclear – whether there would be any legal liability for the crashers. Were they trespassing? Did someone help them get in? ABC’s Tom Giusto and Cindy Smith contributed to this report

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