"You Guys Make a Pretty Good Photo Op," President Obama Jokes to Troops at Osan Air Base

SEOUL, South Korea -- On his way back home, President Obama stopped at Osan Air Base in South Korea, greeting roughly 1,500 Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, many in camouflage, in an airport hanger.

Before a crowd of troops holding cameras and cell phones, the president joked, "you guys make a pretty good photo op."

The president said he was there to share "the gratitude of the American public," and he added, "America's commitment to the defense of the Republic of Korea will never waver."

"This is an alliance rooted in sheer sacrifice, common values, mutual interests and a mutual respect," he said. "And as we look to the future, with a shared vision of our alliance in the 21st century, I made it clear America's commitment to the Republic of Korea will never waiver and our alliance has never been stronger."

Not surprisingly, after the president noted he was increasing military pay he received a big cheer.

"That's what you call an applause line in the business," the president joked.

On his way back to his aircraft, in response to a question shouted from a reporter as to how his trip was, the president said, "It was great. We got a lot of work done."


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