President Obama to Pitch More Job Creation Proposals on Tuesday

On Tuesday, President Obama will give a speech in Washington, DC – likely from the Brookings Institute – in which he will talk about what he wants to see from Capitol Hill to help create jobs.

White House sources say the president will talk about proposals in three main areas: energy, small businesses, and infrastructure.

In energy, the president will likely push green jobs -- especially for the weatherization of businesses and homes.

As he said during a working group yesterday, "not to tip our hand too much, but one of the things I would be surprised if we don't end up moving forward on is an aggressive agenda for energy efficiency and weatherization."

The president's economic team is also discussing various incentives for small businesses -- possibly for hiring, and/or for expansion.

Third, the president will propose more infrastructure spending -- particularly roads and bridges, building on the spending in the stimulus on those projects. The president wants to make sure future money is more directly targeted at projects ready to go now.

As he said yesterday, "the term ‘shovel ready' is not always, doesn't always live up to its billing."

The speech and proposals are still being worked out, so parts of this may change over the weekend.

After months of preoccupation with Afghanistan and health care reform, the president and his team are doing as much as they can to make it clear that he is focusing on the economy.

Today he held an event at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Allentown, Penn.

"We need to grow jobs and get America back to work as quickly as we can," Obama said. "On Tuesday, I'm going to speak in greater detail about the ideas I'll be sending to Congress to help jump-start private sector hiring and get Americans back to work."

He also spent 20 minutes at a career and counseling center, Pennsylvania Career Link of Lehigh Valley, where he told about three dozen unemployed citizens, "I just want you to know I'm thinking about you every day."

He spoke to one woman who was downsized out of her hotel industry job, acknowledging that it had been a rough year, but pledging to her "It's going to start picking up."

- jpt

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