President Obama to Senate Democrats: Finish the Job

Sources tell ABC News that in his closed door meeting with Senate Democrats, President Obama praised them for their historic effort and urged them to keep going.

"You need to finish the job," the president urged them. "The most costly outcome for everyone would be from a failure to finish."

The president said that despite everything the legislation and the Democrats have been through -- the town halls in August, the "dishonest Republican attacks," and more, the four key components of the bill remain: help for small businesses, getting millions of uninsured Americans covered, bringing health care costs down, and reducing the deficit.

The president also said the bill would reduce the deficit more than anything Congress has done since Bill Clinton signed the Balanced Budget agreement.

Mr. Obama called the health care reform bill the "most important piece of domestic legislation since Social Security," which was signed into law in 1935. He said the legislation would be something talked about decades from now.

-- jpt

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