Fans Rejoice: “LOST defeated the State of the Union today!”

ABC News’ Jake Tapper and Karen Travers report:

Fans of ABC’s “Lost” can breathe a sigh of relief.

The millions of viewers eagerly waiting to see what happened to Juliet, Jack, and the Swan station at the end of last season’s cliff-hanger no longer have to worry that the answers to their questions will be delayed because of President Obama’s first State of the Union address.

President Obama will not pre-empt the premiere of the show’s final season, set to air on Tuesday Feb. 2, the White House said today .

Asked by ABC News’ Ann Compton if the president was aware of the recent Internet kerfuffle over the potential scheduling conflict, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs indicated today that Feb. 2 is safe.

“I don't foresee a scenario in which millions of people that hope to finally get some conclusion in "Lost" are preempted by the president,” Gibbs said, referencing the show’s 6th and final season.

Diehard fans of the show have been in a tizzy over the possibility of the president addressing the nation on the same night as the highly-anticipated season premiere, having been left handing since the end of the 5th season last May.

“We will answer a lot of the mysteries,” executive producer Carlton Cuse was quoted saying in the Daily Mail. “For example, what's the Four-Toed Statue? What's the Smoke Monster?”

Matthew Fox, who plays Dr. Jack Shepard on the show, told E! online that the show’s conclusion is “going to be very satisfying and cathartic and redemptive and beautiful.”

The season premiere will begin by answering the question as to what happened after Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb.

"It's very surprising and probably fairly confusing initially to the audience,” Fox said. "Like, a third of the way in [to the season], I would guess we are going to [settle] into one time frame, and it will be very linear—no more flashbacks, nothing. It will be on the Island and sort of a final conflict to the end.”

Fox also said the conflict between his character and Locke "will come head to head.”

Internet message boards have been burning up with worried fans. On Twitter, one fan started the hashtag #NoStateofUnionFeb2 to dissuade the White House from picking the date they have had circled on their calendars for months.

But today’s White House announcement brought relief to the Lost community online. “LOST defeated the State of the Union today!” was one topic on ABC’s Lost message board.

The State of the Union is traditionally in late January. One possible date being considered is Jan 26 – the night of the American Idol season premiere of Fox. Will karaoke fans start a drumbeat online now too?

-Jake Tapper and Karen Travers

ABC News' Ann Compton contributed to this report.

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