Obama to Reinstate Pay Freeze of Top White House Officials, and Now Political Appointees

From Sunlen Miller

Within tomorrow’s State of the Union address, President Obama will extend a freeze on the pay for top government officials and political appointees, a senior administration official confirms.

As one of the first act of president in 2009, recently sworn-in President Obama first called for a pay freeze for White House senior staff at $100,000, which he will reinstate in tomorrow’s State of the Union Address.

Additionally, though, this year the president is extending this freeze to all political employees, including executive branch employees under the executive schedule, ambassadors, non-career members of the foreign service, and politically appointed senior executive service employees.

This will affect approximately 1,200 people, the White House estimates.

The president will also call for the elimination of the bonuses of all political employees, which he also did at the same time last year. The reinstatement would cover all political employees of the executive branch, affecting approximately 3,000, the White House says.

The president will likely make specific mention of these pay freezes during his address to Congress tomorrow evening -- and touch on the themes that as American families across the nation are tightening their belts, then so should Washington.

-- Sunlen Miller

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