Obama Vacation Day 10

From ABC News' Jon Garcia: After his regular early morning workout at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii and following a secure conference call with top aides investigating what went wrong with anti-terror programs, President Obama took his daughters, Malia and Sasha, and some other members of his family to the Sea Life Park, a privately owned marine park about ten miles down the coast from the Obama's vacation rental.

The park, which normally opens at 10:30 am local time, admitted the Obama party at about 9 am, ensuring the public--and the press--would not interrupt their visit. They stayed for about an hour before returning to Kailua. No word on what they did inside.

Then by noon, the Obama family was off to the beach, again on the grounds of the Marine base, again ensuring that the general public and press don’t interrupt their family time. After three hours of sun and surf, the First Family headed home to prepare for an evening out for dinner.

To round out day ten of their vacation, the Obama's and a party of at least nine, including senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, stopped by Lucy's Bar and Grill in Kailua for dinner.

Tomorrow, day eleven, is scheduled to be the last day of the family vacation. An aide says they are leaving a little early because the President has a lot on his plate and is eager to get back to DC.

-- Jon Garcia

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