Why Is President Obama Speaking About Haiti Again?

Jake Tapper reports: White House officials say there are three reasons why President Obama is speaking today about Haiti, for the third time in as many days.

First, he wants to focus attention on the situation in Haiti and make sure those Americans who want to help know how they can do so. Every time he speaks about Haiti it spikes interest in the aid effort there, officials say.

Second, Haiti and the US have a very close relationship given their proximity and given the not inconsiderable Haitian-American community. To wit: White House political director Patrick Gaspard, who moved from Haiti as a boy and still hasn’t heard from several family members in Haiti.

Third, Haiti is in dire straits. This is a nation that had little to begin with. As opposed to what might be the case had the earthquake struck elsewhere in the hemisphere, Haiti has nearly no ability to deal with this severe crisis on its own.

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