Exclusive: Geithner Says Brown Wrong About Stimulus

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner challenged newly elected Senator Scott Brown’s claim that the last stimulus bill “didn’t create one new job.” Brown made the remark during his first press conference after being sworn in Thursday, but in my “This Week” interview, Geithner said he doesn’t “think there’s any basis for that judgment.”

The administration has faced some criticism for using the phrase “jobs saved or created” in describing the impact of the stimulus package.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Friday, said the stimulus package created more than 7,000 jobs in that state.

Read the Full exchange HERE:

TAPPER: The new senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, one of the first things he said after being sworn in was that the stimulus package has not created one job.

BROWN:“The last stimulus bill didn't create one new job. And in some states, the money that was actually released hasn't even been used yet.”

GEITHNER: Oh, I don't think there’s any basis for that judgment. I mean, again, just think where we were. January of 2009, three-quarters of a million Americans losing their jobs. We have an economy now that's growing again. With growth you're going to see jobs created.

Again, we already saw some job -- a month where we had positive job growth. But, you know, it's going to take a while. It took a long time for these problems to develop. They're going to take some time to heal. But we're in a much stronger position today.

But our priority has to be, and I think you see broad recognition of this now, is to make sure we're working very hard to make sure that we're seeing this growth translate into more jobs to reach more Americans.

- jpt

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