VP Biden Says Health Care Summit 'Could Be Pure Theater'

ABC News' Karen Travers reports: President Obama said last week that he does not want to see today’s bipartisan health care summit turn into "political theater, with each side simply reciting talking points and trying to score political points." Apparently Vice President Joe Biden did not get the memo or talking points. In an exclusive interview with the Wilmington News Journal on Wednesday, Biden said today’s meeting could be exactly that . Biden told the News Journal that the six-hour meeting “could be pure theater.” "This could end up not being good," Biden said in the interview. "But I know of no other way than to just keep pushing, saying, 'Guys, OK, this is our idea. What's your idea?'"

Biden said that Democrats are ready to work with Republicans today if there are good ideas on the table. “Literally, if they come up with an idea that bends that (cost) curve, we’ll compromise,” Biden said of Republicans. Biden has a seat at the table for today’s bipartisan summit, right next to President Obama. ABC News spoke to political strategists from both parties to get their take on whether the summit can actually accomplish a bipartisan compromise or will just be hours of politicians pandering to live television cameras. -Karen Travers

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