To Celebrate Women's History Month, You Can't Forget Health Care

ABC News' Gregory Simmons reports:

The Statuary Hall setting for the celebration of Women’s History Month on Capitol Hill offered a rather obvious metaphor. Surrounded by mostly male figures memorialized in bronze and marble, Representative Lynn Woolsey, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and took their turn at the podium vowing to continue the fight for women’s rightful place in schools, leadership positions and the history books.

The event, held in Secretary Clinton’s honor, happened mere hours before the Senate voted on reconciliation and sent the final version of the health care bill back to the house for final passage. Each of the speakers, all for the passing of the bill, seized the celebratory moment to talk about the issue dominating Capitol Hill today.

During her introduction of Speaker Pelosi, Representative Woolsey said that for her work on ensuring passage of the health care bill, “She will be right there among the giants in women’s history.” Among a number of accomplishment Speaker Pelosi highlighted during her introduction of Secretary Clinton, she noted, “It just happens to be that Secretary Clinton is with us the day we will put final vote on health care for all Americans, an issue in which she led the way we all benefited.”

And Secretary Clinton, not missing a beat, further connected the dots between women’s issues and health care saying the bill, “Means so much to our country but is so important to women who have for too long born burden on broken system.”

Secretary Clinton, speaking for roughly 12 minutes, touched on her work around the world to lift women up through education, better medical care and more opportunities to lead.

Pelosi ended the event by acknowledging their mostly male, marble and bronze audience.

“Want to change all of that,” she said. “We’re here about the future that the means bigger role for women to make that future better.”

- Gregory Simmons

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