What Obama's (Not) Reading Right Now

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports:

After his speech in Iowa City today, President Obama made a short visit to Prairie Lights bookstore -- a small local business in the community.

While perusing the bookshelves Mr. Obama had a little fun with the books of two Republican foes, both whose faces graced the covers.

Laughing, the president held up "No Apology," by Mitt Romney, and "Courage and Consequence," by Karl Rove," in each hand.

"What do you think guys?" he asked the group of reporters with him of the hardback copies in each hand.

Ultimately the president did not purchase either book, choosing instead to buy a book for each of his daughters: “Journey to the River Sea,” by Eva Ibbotson, and “The Secret of Zoom,” by Lynne Jonell.

The president also bought a gift for his press secretary's six-year-old son -- a large Star Wars pop-up book.

“It’s for keeping his dad away for too many hours a day," the president joked to Robert Gibbs.

"I need more books than that, sir,” Gibbs quipped back.

The president had singled out Prairie Lights bookstore at a speech moments earlier, using the small business as an example of one of the beneficiaries of the health care bill he signed into law this week. The new tax credit for small business owners would help them cover the cost of insurance for their employees.

“The folks at Prairie Light, they’re going to have the security of knowing that they’ll qualify for a tax credit that covers up to 35 percent of their employees’ health insurance," Obama said at Iowa University, "And maybe they can even use those savings to not only provide insurance but also create jobs. This health care tax credit is pro-jobs, it is pro-business, and it starts this year, and it’s starting because of you.”

-Sunlen Miller

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