White House Makes Good on Hockey Bet with Canada

From Jake Tapper and Sunlen Miller

The White House made good on a losing bet today with Canada over the Men’s Hockey game at last month's Olympics in Vancouver.

If the US won, Prime Minister Harper was to purchase Yuengling beer for President Obama. If the Canada emerges victorious, President Obama will purchase a case of Molson Canadian for Prime Minister Harper. In addition White House press secretary Robert Gibbs bet his Canadian counterpart, Dimitri Soudas whoever lost would have to wear the winning team's hockey jersey at an on-camera briefing.

Canada won, and today the White House finally paid off their bets.

Donning a white and red Team Canada jersey, Gibbs said during the top of today’s daily press briefing, “ I am making good on my aspect of my wager with Dimitri, my Canadian counterpart, who is somewhere several hundred miles north, laughing.”

Gibbs posed for pictures from the podium, turning around and showing his name stitched on the back and #39 – for the United States goalie, Ryan Miller, and the tournament MVP.

The Canadian jersey, Gibbs said, was getting warm – so he took it off to revel a red, white and blue USA hockey underneath, which he wore for most of the briefing.

“I have one official government announcement,” Gibbs said with a smirk, “We've instructed the embassy, our embassy and our ambassador, to make arrangements to deliver one case of Molson Canadian and one case of Yuengling Lager from Pottsville, Pennsylvania -- America's oldest brewery -- to the prime minister's office today. I'm sure Dimitri will take most of that home and consume it.”

-Jake Tapper and Sunlen Miller

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