Tom Hanks Sends (Another) Coffee Maker to the White House Press Corps

From Sunlen Miller:

Hoping to help the "poor slobs" of the Fourth estate, Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks has sent the White House press corps a new espresso maker.

Hanks had famously gifted the White House press corps with an espresso maker six years ago, after visiting the break room in the press area of the White House and being appalled that there was no coffee maker.

(Photo by ABC News' Jake Tapper)

Last month Hanks checked in on his gift , and joked that he was disappointed that it was looking a little run down.

“You know, you are supposed to clean this after every use,” Hanks remarked to reporters after picking up the filter from the old machine.

(Photo by ABC News' Jake Tapper)

Just over a month later, Hanks sent a new “super deluxe” version of the same espresso maker to the press corp, complete with a fancy new espresso cup set.

-Sunlen Miller

Photos by Jacob Paul Tapper, ABC News

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