Warren on SCOTUS

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports:

One dark horse candidate for the Supreme Court seat to be vacated this summer by John Paul Stevens is Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law School professor and consumer watchdog who chairs the panel set up by Congress to oversee the TARP Wall Street Bailout.

While not at the top of most short lists, Arianna Huffington was effusive about Warren on This Week .

And other liberals have jumped on the bandwagon .

Here’s what Warren said today when an ABC producer, during an interview on whether banks should do more to stem the continuing foreclosure crisis, asked her about the speculation:

Q: New question, and I didn’t bring you up here up under false pretenses, but when some of my colleagues heard that you were coming up here they informed me that there was a vacancy across the street, over at the Supreme Court, and that your name has come up around the water cooler. Has the White House contacted you on the Justice Stevens’ vacancy? What can you tell me about that?

WARREN: What I’m doing right now is working on the mortgage foreclosure report.

Q: Would you be interested when that work is a bit more done, to be considered?

WARREN: There is no one who ever went to law school who doesn’t think about the honor of receiving a call from the President of the United States, to say talk to me about the United States Supreme Court.

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