First Pooch Bo Brings His Presidential Master to Face the Press

ABC News' Jon Garcia reports:

Bo, it seems, likes the press.

The Obama’s black Portuguese Water Dog was aboard Air Force One with the First Family this afternoon, making his maiden journey to the Windy City, when he made a break for the back of the plane where the press sit.

And Bo wasn’t alone. He brought with him the president, who only makes rare appearances in the press cabin.

It was unclear whose presence caused a greater stir, the dog or the master. A stunned press pool was described as “cooing” at the sight of Bo. Obama cracked the old Washington D.C., joke about getting a dog if you need a real friend.

Told about a preflight altercation --- described as a “barking match” -- between Bo and a Secret Service K9 at Andrews Air Force Base, Obama replied, “I didn’t want him getting into it with the Secret Service. I’ve seen them training.”

The visit lasted only a few minutes -- though Bo came back through the cabin a second time without the President.

This isn’t the first time Bo has taken on the Press Corps. Last June, after Obama left the White House for a trip to Europe and the Mideast, Bo attracted a small gaggle of press in the Rose Garden. That meeting ended when Bo decided to attack and play tug with the big, fuzzy microphone cover of a television camera.

-- Jon Garcia

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