FLOTUS to Food Manufacturers: Cut 1 Trillion Calories Annually by 2012

From Sunlen Miller:

With the goal to reduce 1 trillion calories in food sold annually by 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama announced a private-sector partnership for her Let’s Move! Childhood obesity campaign.

Mrs. Obama touted that the Partnership for a Healthier America has signed an agreement with the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) -- a partnership between 16 corporations that account for roughly 20-25% of the American food supply.

“I am thrilled to say that they have pledged to cut a total of 1 trillion calories from the food they sell annually by the year 2012, and 1.5 trillion calories by 2015,” Mrs. Obama said from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building today, “They’ve agreed to reformulate their foods in a number of ways, including by addressing fat and sugar content, by introducing lower-calorie options, and by reducing the portion sizes of existing single-serve products. “

The partnership will be expected to come forward with specific commitments to reduce sugar and fat in their products within six months. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is going to serve as an independent evaluator as these companies work towards that goal.

“This commitment represents a major step forward to providing Americans with healthier choices so that they can choose to lead healthier lives,” the First Lady said, “This is precisely the kind of real private-sector commitment that we need. “

Mrs. Obama says that she hopes that more companies will follow suit, and “step up to the plate” to help tackle childhood obesity problems.

-Sunlen Miller

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