George Will: Rand Paul is 'Frivolous'

George F. Will doesn’t mince words. Rand Paul is “frivolous.”

“There is no reason to believe Rand Paul is a racist. There is now reason to believe that he is frivolous,” Will said on “This Week.”

“He doesn’t understand that his job is to win a Senate seat, not conduct a seminar on libertarian philosophy,” Will told “This Week” host Jake Tapper.

“The simple fact is that in 1964, we, as a nation, repealed one widely-exercised right – the right of private property owners to serve on public accommodations whom they want – and replaced it with another right, that is the right of the entire American public to use public accommodations,” Will said.

“We were correct to do so and in the process, we refuted an old notion: that you cannot – and this may offend some libertarians – the notion was you cannot legislate morality. Yes you can,” Will said. “We did.”

“We not only got African-Americans into public accommodations, we changed the thinking of the white portion of the country as well,” he explained.

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