Obama: UConn Women's Basketball Team the Best in All of Sports

From Sunlen Miller:

For the second time in two-straight years, President Obama today honored the 2010 NCAA Women's Basketball champions, the University of Connecticut Huskies.

“I want to point out this team has not lost a game since I was elected president,” the president said from the East Room this afternoon, of the team’s second-straight undefeated season.

Calling their season an “unbelievable run,” The president said that the team’s season was a topic of discussion regularly at the White House.

“I was telling them Michelle and I work out in the morning -- see, we got a little gym here in the White House -- and we just watch 'SportsCenter.' I know you'll be surprised that we don't watch the news shows. But -- this is really true. You know, during the entire season, I just kept on repeating -- and I truly believe -- this was the best team in all of sports, any sport, any gender, by far.”

The president said that the women set an example for his young daughters.

“So, as your president, I commend you for setting that example. As the father of two tall girls --who are also very cute and --also do great work in the classroom, I'm just so glad that they've got all of you to look up to. And I thank you for it.”

Mr. Obama was presented with a back-to-back signed national championship ball, and a jersey with “B.Obama” on the back.

He told the team he will be really impressed if they make it back to the White House for a third time in a row after next year.

-Sunlen Miller

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