Powell: US Can't Be in Afghanistan Forever

In an exclusive interview on "This Week", Colin Powell was supportive of President Obama’s Afghanistan strategy, but said that U.S. forces can’t remain in the Central Asian country forever. “Ultimately,” Powell said this morning on ABC News, “the United States Army and Marine Corps cannot remain in Afghanistan forever as police forces.” Powell explained the challenging questions facing the President: “we have had this additional input of 68,000 soldiers, bringing it to over 100,000 soldiers. We have done what we said we were going to do. Have the Afghans done what they must do, build an army that is capable, an army that is connected to the central government, an army that the people believe in?”

He added there were some other big questions facing Obama on Afghanistan. “Do we have a police force that is not corrupt? And do we have a government in Kabul that is really reaching out and connecting the people together into some kind of political system that people believe in?” Powell said.

In the end though, Afghanistan’s fate will be decided by Afghans, the former secretary of state said. “Ultimately we can do just so much, but to win this conflict and to create the kind of Afghanistan that we all want to see, it ultimately is going to be in the hands of the Afghans,” Powell said.

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