Sarah Palin: 'We Need to Keep Drilling'

ABC News' Huma Khan reports: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin today said the United States should continue drilling, but the administration needs to hold oil companies accountable for incidents like BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

“We need to keep drilling ‘cuz if we don’t drill for a year, we’re going to be more and more reliant on foreign countries that have even less stringent environmental standards,” Palin told ABC News.

Millions of gallons of oil continues to spill from the rig, which exploded on April 20 and killed 11 people. The rig was owned by Transocean and operated by BP.

“We have got to hold these oil companies accountable,” Palin said. “They cannot be lax at all in their preventative measures, and then our management and overseeing agencies in the federal government had better be doing their job in making sure that they're verifying everything that these oil companies are tellin' them.”

The former GOP vice presidential candidate said Alaskans can relate to the incident in the Gulf of Mexico. “Alaska had to go through the same thing of course that the Gulf states are going through so we learned a lot through that,” she said.

Palin and President Obama may not agree on a lot of policy issues, but the two are seemingly in consensus that domestic oil drilling should move forward.

Speaking out the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico today, the president said drilling must go on.

“Domestic oil drilling continues to be one part of an overall energy strategy that now includes more clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency than at any other time in our history,” he said. “But it's absolutely essential that, going forward, we put in place every necessary safeguard and protection so that a tragedy like this oil spill does not happen again.”

Palin was in Washington, D.C., to speak at a breakfast organized by anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List.

In her 30-minute speech, Palin tried to energize the anti-abortion crowd and slammed Democrats and President Obama for what she called an “immoral, unethical” spending spree, and a “generational theft.” She also had a warning for Democrats bracing for a tough mid-term election in November.

“If you thought pitbulls were tough you don’t want to mess with the mama grizzly,” Palin said to a cheering audience.

“Look out Washington, there’s a whole stampede of pink elephants,” Palin said, in reference to the pink buttons during the 2008 campaign that said “It’s A Girl.” “We won't forget those who promised to vote firm against government funding of abortion. But caved at the last minute in exchange for a nonbinding executive order promised by the most pro-abortion president to ever occupy the white house. We will not forget.”

-Huma Khan

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