Sessions Expects BP to 'Pay Every Cent' of Damages

“The BP people repeatedly stated at the hearing and have told me personally, they are going to be responsible for all legitimate claims that are made against them. So I think we need to watch that closely,” Sessions said.

“They said we will be responsible for all damage to the beaches, all cleanup costs. Then the question is, how far beyond that do they go and other consequential economic or other damages,” Sessions said. “They have said they will be responsible for paying them. They should have more than enough money to pay them, and we expect them to pay every cent.”

Earlier this month Sessions said BP was not too big to fail. “If they can’t pay, or it takes everything they’ve got, they should cease to exist,” Sessions said at a press conference.

On This Week this morning, Sen Pat Leahy, D-VT, added that making sure BP pays should be a bipartisan issue. “Frankly, this is something where Republicans and Democrats ought to come together and not allow big oil to call the shots, but allow the law to call the shots,” Leahy said.

Sessions, along with three other Gulf State Senators, introduced legislation on Thursday that would increase the amount of monetary damages BP would be responsible for.


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