Allen: 10,000 Barrels Collected

The man in charge of the oil spill response, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen told me on “This Week” that the containment dome has collected 10,000 barrels of oil on Saturday, up from 6,000 barrels on Friday. He agreed with BP CEO Tony Hayward, who told the BBC this morning that containment effort will eventually collect the majority of the oil leaking from the well. Allen said, “That’s correct, if it’s operating properly. What they are trying to do is take the pressure in the well bore and actually produce oil and take the pressure off and evacuate the oil. We’re not going to know how much oil is going to come out until we are able to optimize production and that is what they are doing right now. They are slowly raising production. It was 6,000 the day before, it’s 10,000 now.”

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