Senior White House Official: UN Sanctions Alone "Would Not Be Sufficient" to Change Iran's Behavior -- But Much More to Come

THE WHITE HOUSE, WASHINGTON, DC -- Senior White House officials acknowledged Wednesday afternoon that the new regime of UN Security Council sanctions against Iran “would not be sufficient” in and of itself to change the behavior of the Iranian government and convince its leaders to stop its nuclear weapons program.

But, they emphasized, these sanctions are just the beginning – the “1” of a “1,2,3 punch,” as one senior White House official put it.

The next step: on June 17 the European Council will meet and impose even stricter sanctions on Iran. Then Congress will pass additional tough sanctions, which the President will sign.

And even after that, officials say, there will be a “rolling” process of countries throughout the globe imposing sanctions – some against Iran’s banking, some against Iran’s energy, some against businesses associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, among other items.

The officials were not belittling the importance of today’s move in the UN Security Council. These sanctions will provide “justification” and an “impetus” for other actions, they said.

As for votes against the sanctions from Turkey and Brazil, one senior White House official said the two countries may have gotten “involved in their own diplomatic efforts,” which ultimately failed, to convince Iran to end its uranium enrichment program.

Another official said Iran had “counted on Russia and China to be their insurance policy,” but today’s vote exposed schisms between Iran and those two superpowers.

-Jake Tapper

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