On Economy, White House Says 'Better' Isn't 'Good'

White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod conceded this morning on ABC News’ This Week that there wasn’t “a great appetite” on Capitol Hill for more spending to stimulate the economy, but called on Democrats and Republicans to support more tax relief for small business.

In his February budget proposal, the president requested $266 billion for additional stimulus for the economy. And just a month ago, the President called for $50 billion in emergency aid to states alongside the extension of unemployment benefits. This morning Axelrod called again for extension of unemployment benefits, but aid to states was not on his list.

“It’s true that there is not a great desire” on Capitol Hill to spend more money, Axelrod said, “even though there is some argument for additional spending in the short-run to continue to generate economic activity.”

“There’s not a great appetite for it, but I do think we can get additional tax relief for small businesses – that’s what we want to do – additional lending for small businesses,” the President’s senior advisor said.

“They are an engine for economic growth. We’re hoping we can persuade enough people on the other side of the aisle to put politics aside and join us on that,” Axelrod told host Jake Tapper.

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