President Obama: 'Homegrown Clean-Energy Industry' Will Jumpstart Manufacturing, Create Jobs

ABC News’ David Kerley and Karen Travers report:

Speaking at advanced battery and electricity storage plant outside Milwaukee, President Obama to push his administration’s commitment to a “homegrown clean-energy industry” to jumpstart manufacturing and create jobs.

“For years, we've heard about manufacturing jobs disappearing overseas. Well, companies like this are showing us how manufacturing can come back right here in the United States of America, right back here to Wisconsin,” Obama said at ZBB Energy Corporation in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

The White House said that ZBB Energy is expanding its battery production through a $1.3 million Recovery Act loan. The loan will help fund a factory renovation that the company says will triple its manufacturing capacity, help retain several dozen workers and allow it to hire 80 new workers.

Obama said that the new commitment to clean energy could lead to more than 800,000 new jobs by 2012.

“That's not just creating work in the short term; that's going to help lay the foundation for lasting economic growth,” he said.

As he does frequently, Obama noted that “times are tough,” but he said they have been tough before and the nation will bounce back.

“We've been fighting on all fronts, inch by inch, foot by foot, mile by mile, to get this country moving forward again and going after every job we can create right here in the United States of America."

Before his remarks, Obama took a tour of the facility with the company’s CEO.

-David Kerley and Karen Travers

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