Bruni Says Michelle Obama “Never Said” Life at the White House is “Hell”

From Sunlen Miller :

In an interview with CNN International today French First Lady Carla Bruni says that the book, claiming that Michelle Obama told her that life at the White House is “hell” is wrong.

“Michelle Obama never said such a thing,” Bruni said today, “I'm happy to tell you very frankly that this is not an authorized book. No one -- not only one book that came out about me was authorized. I never read the book. I never knew about the book.”

First reported by London’s Daily Mail last week, a passage appears in a new book “Carla And The Ambitious,” written by French journalists Michael Darmon and Yves Derai in cooperation with Ms. Bruni.

“Don’t ask! It’s hell. I can’t stand it!” the biography has Michelle Obama telling Bruni after being asked about life as the wife of the president during a Sarkozy family visit to the White House in March.

While Bruni says that she believes in a free press, she is “happy to disassociate “herself from the book.

“That's a lie,” Bruni said today, “I never cooperated with that book.”

Both the French Embassy and the White House last week denied the report in the book as well.

- Sunlen Miller

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