President Obama 'Grateful' Michelle Obama Hasn't Challenged Him In Any Campaigns

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports:

It’s not often that the President introduces the First Lady. But today President Obama seemed to relish in the role while introducing his wife before her keynote speech at the Clinton Global Initiative this afternoon in New York City.

“Bill Clinton understands where I’m coming from here. He knows what it’s like to be married to somebody who’s smarter somebody who’s better looking somebody who’s just all around a little more impressive than you are,” the president joked during his introduction with former president Bill Clinton on stage, “I feel grateful that Michelle so far, at least, has not run for any offices I’ve been running for. She would beat me thoroughly.”

The president said that fortunately Mrs. Obama is not interested in the “political chatter,” something he said, benefits him because she is his moral voice.

“No matter what the issue, there’s only one thing that she wants to know, and that’s ‘who are we helping?’ That’s what she asks. ‘Who is this going to make a difference for? Whose life is this going to improve?’ And while I get plenty of good advice from a lot of people during the course of the day, at the end of each day, it is Michelle -- her moral voice, her moral center -- that cuts through all the noise in Washington and reminds me of why I’m there in the first place.”

The president said that while she is doing a tremendous job as First Lady he is proudest of her job as a mother.

“Every moment that I spend with my daughters, I am thankful for all that she’s done to make them who they are. Every day, I see her strength and her kindness and her character reflected in the two of them.”

The First Lady seemed a bit humbled by the introduction.

“Well, it’s weird that my husband introduces me, so I don’t even know what to say,” she said, “But thank you, honey. Now, with an introduction like that, you can see why I married the guy, right? Not so bad.”

The president did not stay to hear his wife’s remarks, quickly departing for a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister Naoto Kan of Japan as a continuation of his UNGA meetings.

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