Axelrod: Rahm has the President's Blessing, and the Personality to Make it as Chicago Mayor

ABC News' Ann Compton reports:

White House senior advisor and native Chicagoan David Axelrod designed the strategy for no less than six Richard M. Daley campaigns for Windy City mayor. So Axelrod knows what a political plum City Hall is and why his fellow White House colleague Rahm Emanuel is lusting for the job.??

"The mayoralty in Chicago is an unbelievealy attractive opportunity," Axelord said in a West Wing interview. "And I'm sure if Rahm decides to do that, the President will support that decision."

Obama chief of staff ?Emanuel admitted last spring he has dreamed of running for mayor and now that Daley has announced he will not seek a seventh term (link to Dwyer blog from yesterday), White House advisors expect Emanuel to jump at the chance.

And Axelrod says Emanuel has the personality to fit the challenge.? "The common element I find in mayors is they are larger than life personalities. They are big enough to handle the hustle and bustle of big city politics. And to deal with the tough issues that come up in city governments. Rahm has that combination of skills and that personality and mindset to be a success if he chooses to go that route."

Axelrod, however, says he will stick around the White House a bit longer, before departing to help run President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.? -Ann Compton

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