Was Palin Jokingly Suggesting Rove Should Go To Hell?

Did Sarah Palin jokingly almost suggest Karl Rove should go to Hell???

Let’s back up.????

As you no doubt know, Delaware GOP Senate candidate O'Donnell had some explaining to do this weekend about her experience with witchcraft.????

This was prompted by Bill Maher, who on his HBO show Friday night ran a clip from a 1999 episode of his former show on ABC, “Politically Incorrect.”??In the clip, O’Donnell was discussing Halloween and confessed to having “dabbled in witchcraft.”

She never joined a coven, she pointed out, but she “hung around with people who were doing these things.” She said that “one of my first dates with a witch was on a Satanic altar.”??

On Fox News Sunday, Rove – who has been an O’Donnell detractor, saying that she has said “nutty things” – was asked about O’Donnell’s “dabbling.”??

“In southern Delaware, where there are a lot of church-going people, they're probably going to want to know what was that all about,” Rove said.

He continued: “My view is she can't simply ignore it. She's got to deal with it and explain it and put it in its most sympathetic light and move on. But she can't simply say, ‘Oh, these are un-factual and not true and just ignore them…go to my Web site and ignore them.’”??

Rove said that he didn’t think Delaware voters would accept “that as a reasonable explanation. And until they do, they're going to be resistant to hearing the bigger, broader, more important message.”??

O’Donnell -– who canceled her previously-scheduled appearances on Fox News Sunday and CBS’s Face the Nation, saying she needed to do so in order to attend a GOP picnic in Sussex County, Delaware, on Sunday afternoon -- told those picnickers, “I was in high school. How many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school? But no, there's been no witchcraft since. If there was, Karl Rove would be a supporter."????

On Sunday night, O'Donnell tweeted "We'll win this race by focusing on issues that matter to the people of Delaware, not vain distractions."

Followed by: "I did comment that if I were a witch, Rove would be a supporter. I would have turned him into a 'Newt', because Gingrich says we win."

O’Donnell booster Sarah Palin supported O'Donnell's decision to cancel appearances on Sunday shows on Fox and CBS, tweeting of O’Donnell's strategy: "time's limited;use it 2 connect w/local voters whom you'll be serving vs appeasing nat'l media seeking ur destruction "????

On Friday night, Palin spoke at a major Iowa Republican Party fundraiser in Des Moines, Iowa, the Ronald Reagan Dinner, she went after Republicans bashing conservatives and the Tea Party movement.????

“Unsuccessful GOP campaigns and deflated GOP pundits: Remember, attitudes are contagious,” she said.”So, make sure yours are worth catching.”??

She referred to how “expert Beltway pundits” are “all bent out of shape right now,” and said she doesn’t know how the machine works, and isn’t sure if she wants to know given how wrong some have been about elections in states such as Massachusetts, Delaware and Kentucky.??

But if she were in that hierarchy, she said, she would send conservative stars on the road, some to the South, some to the East, and some to the West. ??

“And Karl!” she continued, her tone changing. “Karl, go to…here! You can come to Iowa!”??

Some observers thought Palin was jokingly approaching the precipice of telling Rove to go to hell, and then backing off.??

Watch if for yourself HERE.

Her riff about organizing the movement begins at about 27:14.

She continued: “…And Karl Rove and the other leaders who will see the light and realize that these are just the normal hard-working patriotic Americans who are saying no, enough is enough. We want to turn this around and we want to get back to those time-tested truths that are right for America."??

Rove on Sunday concurred that O’Donnell made a “smart decision” by not going on the Sunday shows.

He also said that “if Sarah Palin wants to demonstrate her power and influence, she ought to -- where we started was Delaware -- she ought to go to Delaware and campaign for her favorite Christine O'Donnell. If she wants to demonstrate political power, go to Delaware and take the candidate whom she is backing and get her along the finish line campaigning with her in Delaware.”??

-Jake Tapper

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