Where's Obama's Wedding Band? Getting Repaired

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports:

If you happen to notice that President Obama is not wearing his wedding band, there’s a simple reason why.

It’s getting repaired.

For at least two days President Obama’s left hand has gone unadorned by his wedding band. The White House say that beyond the typical cleaning that most rings get, Mr. Obama’s intricate gold ring needed a little repairing. White House aides declined to elaborate on what specifically was wrong with the ring, other than to say that his ring needed repairing.

Married on October 3rd, 1992, the president’s wedding band is markedly different than his wife’s, her wedding band just a thin traditional gold band. Mr. Obama’s is a thick, carved gold band from Indonesia, where he lived from ages six to ten.

The First Lady has been known to leave her ring at home, but it seems her reason may have to do with fashion. While attending the inaugural ball when her husband the night of her husband’s inauguration she ditched her engagement ring and wedding band and opted for a large silver cocktail ring, matching her earrings. Recently Mrs. Obama was without her wedding rings at an event in the July while attending the White House musical series honoring Broadway music, opting again for a large cocktail ring instead.

-Sunlen Miller

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