Book Hurled at President Obama, Streaker Detained at Philly Rally

ABC News' Ann Compton reporting.

A paperback book was hurled towards President Obama seconds after he completed a Democratic rally in Philadelphia on Sunday, but aides say the incident in no way affected the event.

In video of the President, the book appears as little more than a blurr hurdling past his head to his left as he waved to the crowd on his right. It is not clear how close the book came to him but it is apparent the President does not notice it at all. The paperback seems to be coming from the direction of the audience penned in closest to the stage, not from the thousands of other spectators behind barricades farther back.

It was not the only surprising incident at the rally. At the start of the rally, local police arrested a naked man for trying to streak past the President as he spoke. Associated Press photographs show the man, with the name of a website written across his chest, being led away past the crowd. The Weekly Standard identifies the man as 24 year old Juan James Rodriguez who may have been put up to the stunt by the website offering a million dollars to anyone able to streak naked within President Obama’s view.

A White House official travelling with the President to Philadelphia says the staff was aware of the streaker but did not see his attempt to dash in front of the stage.

The US Secret Service found and interviewed the man who threw the book onstage. He was deemed to be an “overexhuberant” supporter who wanted the President to have a copy of a book he had written, according the Special Agent Edwin Donovan of the Secret Service in Washington. “He was deemed not to be a threat and was not arrested,” Donovan told ABC News.

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