Obama Campaigns On Hip Hop Radio This Morning

ABC News' Ann Compton reports: With a hip hop beat playing in the background, President Obama called into a Dallas urban radio station this morning, bluntly appealing to Democrats to vote early which is allowed in Texas. And at the prodding of host Rickey Smiley, an Obama supporter, the President speculated on how he might govern if Republicans score big gains in Congress next week. “My hope is at some point, once the election’s over, Republicans are less focused on trying to score political points and more focused on getting stuff done for the people,” he answered. “All I can do is keep on reaching out to them offering them opportunities to work with me. I’m willing to compromise on certain issues but there are certain core issues I’m not willing to compromise on. I’m not going to cut education spending 20% to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.” He also insisted on conitnuing unemployment benefits and infrastructure spending, both issues on which many Republicans in Congress disagree. Campaigning from the White House most of this week, President Obama has been phoning targeted radio programs including black activist Al Sharpton’s and to Philadelphia conservative Michael Smerconish who broke ranks and endorsed the Obama candidacy two years ago.

-Ann Compton

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