Obama Warns Students 'We Could Fall Short'

From Ann Compton: Campaigning in Philadelphia on his final push to election day, President Obama rallied hundreds of young people in blue T-shirts in a Temple University gymnasium, urging them to knock on 20,000 doors in coming days to turn out votes because “we could fall short, and all the progress we’ve made over the last couple of years could be rolled back.” “You can’t stop now,” he shouted in an uncharacteristcally short seven-minute speech. At the back of the gym tables were laden with hundreds of clipboards, each with a route marked out in a Philadelphia neighborhood for canvassing. Senate candidate Joe Sestak was allowed time to speak to the crowd but that was nearly a half-hour before the president even arrived. Retiring Sen. Arlen Specter, who lost the Democratic nomination to Sestak, was asked by reporters to assess the chances for Sestak against Republican Pat Toomey. "I think he's made a very strong case, closed the gap and in some of the polls he's ahead," Specter said. "So it's nip and tuck." On his way out of town, the president stopped for lunch at the Famous Fourth Street Delicatessen for a corned beef reuben, potato pancakes and sweet tea. Sestak joined him, ordering the pastrami. Obama spent several minutes shaking hands with patrons of the shop, known for gargantuan servings and its soft-baked cookies produced at a bakery next door. -- Ann Compton

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