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ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports:

After receiving his regular rounds of morning briefings, President Obama will meet privately with Secretary of State Clinton in the Oval Office.

In the afternoon, the president will travel to Rhode Island where he will tour the facilities of American Cord & Webbing in Woonsocket and deliver remarks to workers.

On a conference call with reporters previewing the visit, administration officials touted that the company is benefiting explicitly from policies the president has put in place. The company has 47 employees and they plan on growing next year, in addition to adding a new building to their existing structure which they hope to have ready by next year.

“American Cord & Webbing is another example of a company that would suffer under the Republican agenda. Republicans in Congress…oppose 16 new tax cuts for small business that would help companies like this. They would also benefit from the small business jobs bill that the president just signed into law,” White House Deputy Communications Director Jen Psaki said.

“This company is a great story because they’re like many other companies during the recession. They’ve now restored to their number of 47,” said Counselor to the Treasury Secretary Gene Sperling. They took out a 504 loan and the administration’s program helped them get fees for their loans reduced, he noted.

In the evening, the president will deliver remarks at two DCCC receptions in Providence, R.I., raising money for Democrats just over one week to Election Day.

The president will return to Washington, D.C. in the evening.

-Sunlen Miller

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