A Slurpee Summit?

From Sunlen Miller

After last night’s election results, flipping the House of Representatives to Republican control, much of President Obama’s press conference today was dominated by questions on how the president plans to move forward with a split Congress.

In a joke about his often over-used analogy in the lead up to the election about Republicans sipping on Slurpees in the past while Democrats get the car (aka the nation) out of the ditch, the idea to hold a “slurpee summit,” reminiscent of the beer summit, was floated by a reporter.

The president laughed and quipped that they are delicious drinks and that he intends to have a conversation about areas of compromise with leaders from both parties soon.

He said that yesterday’s results prove that no one party should be able to dictate where the county goes from here.

“As I told John Boehner and Mitch McConnell last night, I am very eager to sit down with members of both parties and figure out how we can move forward together. I'm not suggesting this will be easy.”

The president said that he won’t pretend that they’ll be able to solve every disagreement, but said that he American people are now expecting them not spend the next two years refighting the political battles of the last two.

“We just had a tough election. We will have another in 2012. I'm not so naive as to sink -- to think that everybody will put politics aside until then. But I do hope to make progress on the very serious problems facing us right now. And that's going to require all of us, including me, to work harder at building consensus.”

-Sunlen Miller

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