GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and the Pardoned Thanksgiving Turkey: The Political Punch Digital Show -- 11/23/2010

"I thought I had a lot to offer," Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., told me of her erstwhile bid to be GOP Conference Chair. "I'd been an effective speaker on the national and local level on a lot of issues that people really cared about. So I threw my name in the ring, when Mike Pence pulled his name out and then it became clear pretty quickly that I wasn't the leadership pick and my competition was."

Does she think the fact that the House GOP leadership didn't support her is indicative at all that they don't "get" the importance of embracing the Tea Party movement as much as they need to?

"Well, it's a good question and people have asked me that," Bachmann said. "And what I do is I presume the best of leadership and I take them at their word."

In this week's Political Punch Digital Show we also take a look at Wednesday"s turkey pardon:

Plus David Corn's DC Ticker and the Tapper Toon!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.

-Jake Tapper

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