Air Force Blocks News Websites With Wikileaks Materials

ABC News' Steven Portnoy and Kirit Radia report:

At their posts around the world, airmen are no longer able to glean what’s on the front page of one of America’s most-widely read newspapers, all because it has published details of classified State Department cables provided to it by Wikileaks.

As Reuters first reported late Tuesday, the US Air Force confirms it has blocked “over 25” websites that contain leaked documents from Wikileaks, including the websites of the New York Times, the Guardian of the UK, Germany’s Der Spiegel and the French newspaper, Le Monde.

“The Air Force routinely blocks network access to websites posting inappropriate materials or malware. This includes any website hosting the classified materials released by Wikileaks,” Maj Toni Tones of the US Air Force Space Command, which controls the AFNet computer system, told ABC News.

Even access to general news articles on these websites has been blocked, Maj. Tones said, describing the action as “consistent with guidance received in August of 2010.”

Officials at the Army and Navy tell ABC News they are not enacting similar measures at this point, and were not aware of any plans to follow the Air Force’s lead.

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