Kidnapped in Afghanistan and Wiki-Apologies - The Political Punch Digital Show: 12/7/2010

In this week's Political Punch Digital Show, I spoke with David Rohde and his wife about his seven months being held by the Taliban -- and what they think of the Wikileaks cables about Af/Pak given their knowledge of that area.

Rohde and his wife Kristen Mulvihill wrote the new book "A Rope And a Prayer" which tells their amazing story.

Tapper: Did you think you were never going to see David again?

Mulvihill: I had to entertain the idea that he might not come home. But I never did that for very long. I just had to keep going and think positive and get through each day, one day at a time.

Tapper: It must be especially odd for you to read the WIkileaks cables.

Mulvihill It is actually, yes.

Tapper: Because a lot of them were written while David was in captivity.

Mulvihill : Yeah and we did have a lot -- we worked with Anne Patterson on David's case --

Rohde: Well, this is in one of the Wikileaks cables. And frankly, people will criticize U.S. government officials. Anne Patterson's cable is very direct and it states that Pakistan is backing the Taliban because they're fearful of India. They see the United States as backing India more than Pakistan and they feel that the United States will withdraw from Afghanistan and India will try to take over Afghanistan so they will continue backing the Taliban as sort of their proxy force to control Pakistan and keep India out of Afghanistan. And Patterson says the United States needs to rethink its strategy towards India and realize that by being so close to India it alienates the Pakistanis and drives them towards the Taliban.


Then I'm joined by acclaimed director Tom Hooper, whose new film The Kings Speech is garnering intense early Academy award buzz for its depiction of King George VI’s struggle with his speech impediment.

All this in addition to a check of who's up and down in Washington with the DC Ticker -- courtesy of David Corn, the Mother Jones DC bureau chief -- and of course a Tapper Toon featuring President Obama apologizing to his contemporaries around the world for the Wikileaks controversy.

- Jake Tapper

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