The White House On the 9/11 First Responders Bill: Today’s Q’s for O’s WH

TAPPER: Can you talk about the failure of the legislation for the 9/11 First Responders to pass? That was held up in the Senate, and I haven't really heard the White House say much about it. GIBBS: Well, look, we -- look, I think the -- if I'm not mistaken -- is this for a vote today or a previous vote? TAPPER: A previous vote. GIBBS: Yeah, I think, if I'm not mistaken, Senator Reid has filed cloture on a number of things to vote on before the end of the year and before the end of the session. Obviously he filed a cloture on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." TAPPER: Right. GIBBS: That will be tomorrow, as will the DREAM Act, and, I believe, also the 9/11 bill. And the White House is supportive of all those pieces of legislation. TAPPER: If I could just follow up --

GIBBS: Mm-hmm.

TAPPER: -- with you. I haven't really heard the White House say much about it, though. I know you've had a lot of other things that you're pushing in terms of the new tax deal, the omnibus bill, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," but is it --

GIBBS: I think -- let me check it out. I mean, I think we've set up a statement of support, a prior administration position, and we are supportive of the legislation.


TAPPER: Can I just do a quick follow-up? Apparently Reid is going to bring up the First Responders. It could come up as soon as Monday.


TAPPER: And every time you guys have talked about -- every time you from the podium have talked about calls that the president is making on the tax bill or the DREAM Act --

GIBBS: I'll check -- let me check and see if he's made any calls.

TAPPER: -- you've never -- we've never been told that he's made calls on the first responders bill.

GIBBS: Well, until this morning, I hadn't been asked. But I will -- let me check and see. Let me go back and look through the call list and see if he has.

-Jake Tapper

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