Secretary Clinton Calls Tucson Shooter Jared Loughner an 'Extremist'

In Abu Dhabi today, at a town hall meeting at Abu Dhabi's Zayed University for a taped show on MBC television called "Sweet Talk," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton labeled the Tucson shooter an "extremist."

"Look, we have extremists in my country," she said. "A wonderful, incredibly brave young woman congressmember, Congresswoman Giffords was just shot in our country. We have the same kinds of problems. So rather than standing off from each other, we should work to try to prevent the extremists anywhere from being able to commit violence."

The label "extremist" in that context suggests a political motivation. President Obama and officials in the law enforcement community have been more circumspect in their public remarks, suggesting it is too early to ascribe motive.

Clinton also said in the town hall, in the context of Mideast peace, "the extremists and their voices, the crazy voices that sometimes get on the TV, that's not who we are, that's not who you are, and what we have to do is get through that and make it clear that that doesn't represent either American or Arab ideas or opinions."

-- Jake Tapper

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