The 'O' Ad Campaign: Selling an Anonymous Novel about the President

ABC News' Eliza Larson reports: With the 2012 elections quickly approaching and President Barack Obama up for re-election, many are guessing at Obama's plan of action.

A new novel, O, attempts to give an answer, albeit fictionalized and from an anonymous source.

O claims to give a glance into the mind of the president. The book's publisher, Simon & Schuster, has made a promotional website for the novel where they raise the question, "what's really going on between those ears?" Also available on the website is an Obama impersonator with a so-called "personal" address.

The anonymity of its author leaves the credibility of the novel up for much debate.

“The author is someone who has been in the room with Barack Obama and knows his world intimately," according to Jonathan Karp, Simon and Shuster’s Executive Vice President, on the promotional website.

He compares the choice to remain anonymous to authors such as Jane Austen or Lemony Snicket, who wish to avoid being ridiculed on the "basis for associations, views, or background."

"We want you to approach O without attaching a partisan bias to it. We hope you will finish this book with a wide range of opinions about the characters and ideas in it,” he says

The book's website also adds that the author wants to help people understand what is really inside our leaders' minds. We may never know who wrote the novel, but, as the website claims, "it proves in dramatic terms that, sometimes, only fiction can reveal the truth."

For more on “O” and who may have written it, click HERE.

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