Gadhafi's Sanity and the Endgame: Today's Q's for O's WH - 2/25/11

TAPPER: Colonel Gadhafi does not seem all that tethered to reality right now in particular. He's been accusing -- he's been – and experts on Gadhafi say he actually believes that the protesters in the street are -- have been fed hallucinogens. How does the United States deal with a government -- this isn't -- this isn't your typical dictator losing power; this is a man who, by many accounts, seems to be legitimately unstable and perhaps willing to burn the house down with him. How does that affect the policies that you go forward with?

CARNEY: Well, Jake, we make our policy decisions based on some key principles, as you know, that I've enunciated, the president has enunciated, and others; and we evaluate the circumstances in, in this case, Libya. It's not about personalities. It is about the expression of -- the peaceful expression of the dissatisfaction of the people of Libya with their leadership. And we support them in their -- in their aspirations.

But, you know, we -- the actions we are taking I think, in many ways -- to answer your question, we are acting unilaterally and multilaterally in a way that we believe needs to be done to put pressure on the regime to cease this horrendous activity.

TAPPER: I understand the decisions about the Libyan -- the future of the Libyan government should be made by the Libyan people, but what's the ending here? How do you see this ending --

CARNEY: Well --

TAPPER: -- in the best case scenario?

CARNEY: The best-case scenario for any state in the region of the world is a government that is -- that treats its people well; that is responsive to the aspirations of its people; that includes its people in the political process in a democratic way; and that is a peaceful, responsible neighbor in its region of the world and in the international community. I mean, that's the --

TAPPER: How about -- how about in this actual situation?

CARNEY: Well, I'm not going to plan out the -- or predict for you the day-by-day progression towards that goal, which is – you know, which I believe is the goal that the Libyan people hold, as do we. This is obviously still a very, very fluid and dangerous situation in Libya, and a very fluid situation in the region. The goal is very clear.

TAPPER: The last question. You mentioned that American intelligence was going to be working on this. Could you elaborate at all on that?

CARNEY: No, I can't elaborate, but what I can say is that the United States is committed to utilizing the full extent of its capabilities to monitor the Gadhafi regime's behavior to ensure that evidence is gathered of further violence or atrocities against -- committed against the Libyan people.

-Jake Tapper

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