Michelle Obama on Valentine’s Day Gift-Giving: “Jewelry Always”

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports:

What does First Lady Michelle Obama want for Valentine’s Day?

“Jewelry always,” Mrs. Obama said, “you can’t go wrong.”

During an interview with Live With Regis and Kelly the First Lady joked that she hoped her husband was watching her on TV so he’d get a few hints for Valentine’s Day on Monday.

Joking aside, Mrs. Obama said that in the Obama household they don’t make a “big deal” about the holiday because her birthday was just last month and Christmas has been close as well.

Mrs. Obama said that her husband is “very romantic” though and remembers dates for special occasions even when she thinks he’s forgotten and she starts to “get a little attitude” with him.

“You gotta keep the romance alive, even in the White House,” she added.

The Obama family will spent the Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend at Camp David last year. In 2009. they returned to Chicago where the president and First Lady enjoyed a Valentine’s Day dinner prepared for them by Oprah’s chef at Table Fifty Two Restaurant.

Mrs. Obama appeared on The Today Show, in addition to Live With Regis and Kelly coordinated with the one-year anniversary of her Let’sMove! campaign to combat childhood obesity.

-Sunlen Miller

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