Super Bowl Champs Green Bay Packers (No Longer) Left Waiting for a Congratulatory Call from Chicago Bears Fan President Obama

ABC’s Jordyn Phelps Reports:

UPDATE at 5:24pm: President Obama called the Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy this afternoon to congratulate him on the team’s Super Bowl victory.

“The President told McCarthy that even a Bears fan can appreciate what the victory means to the people of Green Bay and Wisconsin and said he looks forward to hosting the team at the White House,” according to a readout of the President’s conversation.

The President also reportedly told McCarthy to pass on to MVP Aaron Rogers “how impressed he was” with his game and season.

Original Post:

President Obama has yet to call and congratulate the Green Bay Packers after the team’s Super Bowl victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers last night.

It’s customary for the president to call the winners of the Super Bowl the night of the game or the morning after. White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs says President Obama will make a congratulatory later today.

“I don't think he's called anybody yet,” Gibbs said in today’s White House press briefing. “I think they're going to call -- I think they're going to call some folks this afternoon.”

Among those calls are expected to be one from the president to MVP Aaron Rodgers.

President Obama said that he was staying neutral on the Super Bowl game after his favorite team, the Chicago Bears, lost to Green Bay in the NFC Championship two weeks ago and were eliminated from competing for the title.

“No picks,” President Obama said in a recent YouTube video: “May the best team win.”

Some have speculated that President Obama hasn’t called the Green Bay Packers because of his friendship with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ owner Dan Rooney. Rooney campaigned for then-candidate Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Gibbs brushed off a question during the briefing suggesting that there was any possible connection.

The Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25.

-Jordyn Phelps

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